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day 9 [] August 10, 2005 [] Perth, Scotland and Belfast, Northern Ireland

We woke up and ate a Scottish breakfast which is very similar to an English breakfast. There were potato scones and black pudding offered, that's different from English breakfast. The hosts of the B&B were very nice and seemed fun. There was also a nice lady who had a copy of a map of Perth which she let us have so we could find our way to the train station. We headed back to Glasgow to catch a train to Strenrar to catch a ferry for Belfast.

On the train to Straenrar we were waiting to see water. It was about the time for us to be at our destination and still no water. Then as we passed a hill - boom - there was water. The train track was right next to the harbor. We got to the station and after some confusion, bought tickets for the Stena Line Ferry. It was a lot cheaper than we thought. It was also a lot nicer than we expected. There were restaurants, stores, casino machines and a play area for kids.

We got to Belfast and took a taxi to the city center in search of a place to stay. We took the recommendation of the taxi driver and went to Helgar Lodge B&B and they had a double room. Then we went to Revelations Internet Cafe to email home. We then searched for a pub. We came across The Globe. It had a happy hour meal deal and had a fun, clean atmosphere. After dinner we watched a football (soccer) match on the big screens. Then wanted to see if there was karaoke like it was advertised. More people started to come and they turned down the lights and turned up the music.

There had been 2 guys at a table somewhat near us who had bought jugs of cocktails during happy hour. Another guy had joined them later. One (Chris) came over to us and invited us over for drinks. Jon started off confused (because he couldn't understand him and he was a little scared). We decided to join them (ooohhh! Adventure!). Lisa being thirsty drank quite a bit of her drink and they refilled it. It was called "Globalwarming" made with vodka, tequila, orange juice and something else. Jon only had a few sips of his drink so he could protect Lisa. Chris was a friendly fellow that wanted to impress us. "Are you impressed?" would follow many of his stories. He said he could get respect and ladies because he was an Irishman from Belfast. He showed us scars. Continually he wanted us to feel his arm muscles. He said his writing had been published when he was 22 years old. He didn't believe that Lisa was Jon's only sexual partner ever.

There was another guy at the table that started to talk to Lisa, he was extremely emaciated. At first he was saying random German words (which Lisa recognized from preparations for our last International trip). The man sat next to her and explained that he wanted to understand the Germans and thought that they were people that wanted to just be good. Then he explained that he wasn't religious he just wanted to be good. Lisa attempted to go deeper into this topic with him but he was too plastered. She tried to politely ignore his cigarette that was pointed at her leg. She joined back in on Chris and Jon's conversation when the man who was intrigued by Germans was confronted by security and escorted out causing some commotion on the way out by trying to take beer with him. Chris wanted to write the male version of Sex in the City. The Globe played a whole little set of Dirty Dancing songs mixed together, Lisa loved it. We only heard 2 karaoke people.

We left The Globe with fun memories and lungs full of second hand smoke (Yuck!). Lisa practically coughed up a lung as soon as she reached fresh air.

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