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day 5 [] August 6, 2005 [] Glasgow/Stirling, Scotland

Our wake up phone call buzzed at 6am, and we headed to the train station to wait for a train to Birmingham, then to Glasgow, Scotland. We got off the train at Birmingham Moor Street Station. There was a cool mall that looked like it had Dippin' Dots all over it. We took a short walk to the Birmingham New Street station. Our train pulled in as we got to the platform. Ahh! First class! The countryside was beautiful. Random big houses mostly surrounded by trees. Lots of cows, sheep, and horses. Fields separated by fences overgrown with bushes. Stone fences . . . people collected all those stones and stacked them. There was a man sitting across the aisle and a few rows away that ate his sandwich very loud, it made me think of Beth from life group's pet peeve.

We arrived in Glasgow and got our hotel room. We noticed many young people and many gothic people. We rode another train to Stirling and saw Stirling Castle. As we finished roaming around the castle and admiring the view, we heard bagpipes. A man dressed in a full Scottish get-up was playing bagpipes followed by a cool car with a bride in it. She was glowing as everyone admired her, talk about a dream wedding, getting married in a castle. After the castle we headed down the hill back to the train station. A fire truck was making its way up the hill while honking. The interesting thing about this fire truck was that there was something protruding from the side window, it was a blow up man complete with erection and drawn on hairy chest. They were driving in the direction of the wedding.

We came back to Glasgow for dinner at the hotel. Lisa tried leek and potato soup, she liked it. Jon had Thai noodles with chicken. We shared fries, it was an odd mix but yummy.

Things we have discussed: It seems that there are surprisingly fewer obese people in the United Kingdom. Which is surprising considering the English breakfast. Maybe mitch is right - fat is good.

Tomorrow - the Highland Games!

A group of men are chanting outside our hotel.

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