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day 3 [] August 4, 2005 [] Oxford, England

We woke up and went downstairs where we were served an English breakfast. Poached eggs cooked in a saucer so they were round, toast, huge thick bacon strips, and orange juice. The coffee was served in a caffetier, Jon couldn't figure it out so he just poured his coffee. He didn't know he'd done it wrong until he took a big drink filled with coffee grounds. He was supposed to punch down the pole to keep the grinds from pouring out. Stupid Americans.

After breakfast, we walked to the train station in perfect weather (Jon wished he'd worn shorts) and grabbed the the train after only a five minute wait (the second time that'd happened). We stopped in King's Cross Station and found platform 9 3/4 (From Harry Potter) and took pictures. Then we took the underground from King's Cross to get to Paddington Station which will take us to Oxford. Lisa Realized it was her birthday which meant it was four week anniversary from the train bombings. Every fortnight since there has been a bombing, we were safe.

Then we caught the train to Oxford which had the best first class section thus far. Lisa was loving first class - comfortable seats, free newspapers, biscuits (cookies), and drinks. Got off the train and trekked down the main drag to find a place to lay our head for the night. We finally ended at Sportsview Bed and Breakfast. It smelled like Indian food but at least not in the room. The room was pink.

We left our packs and went to Christ Church. It's big and grand. They filmed parts of Harry Potter there like in the Grand Hall. We couldn't sit down because people really eat there. Jon pretended to sit and was reprimanded until the guard realized Jon was not sitting on a chair. The napkins were folded over the third tine (I learned that word in Boggle, thank you, Clark) of the fork. I wrote that down just so I could use the word tine. Then we walked around and saw buildings, they were cool. We ate Classic Magnums after lunch at Burger King (Burger King is big in the UK). Then we saw Oxford Castle remains. Then we tried to find the cricket fields but the gate was closed. We went through Christ Church meadow. Then we ate at a restaurant by the Thames. The soup of the day was disgusting. We found out later it was carrot and ginger soup. We then walked by the river and saw people rowing and kayaking.

Then we went to Londis Grand Post in search of Magnum information. Lisa has not yet found any Magnum Double Ice Cream Bars. The cashier was very nice and informative. He let us see the supply catalog with all the walls Magnum products. Lisa explained that she came from America for Magnum Doubles. They are no longer made or sold. He explained that maybe the majority of the population did not like them. (That's crazy, who could not like them?) The closest thing is a Magnum Taste with carmel flavored ice cream.

Magnum Count: Lisa ate a Magnum Taste and Jon ate a Magnum Classic. Lisa was disappointed that she would not get to taste the rich double Carmel Magnum ever again so she decided to boycott Magnum Ice Cream Bars, thus concludes our Magnum count.

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