United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland [2005]

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day 20 [] August 21, 2005 [] London, England

We tried to find a church to go to. One that we wanted to go to had moved and the other was not what we thought it would be. Lisa got us lost, but while in the midst of our lostness, we came across the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Charles Spurgeon's church. The truth was taught to those who happened to still be awake. You were to stand for each song after a short interlude of music. Everyone knew what to do. They'd been doing it that way forever.

Then we actually revisited the Imperial War Museum, if you can believe it. We learned about WWI this time, something both of us were entirely ignorant about.

Our jacket potato hunt landed us near Trafalgar Square again. We ate and then walked through St. James Park where we unknowingly sat in deck chairs that cost £1.50. We'd been sitting in them for about 30 mins already doing some reading. Lisa claims to have heard others talking about the "deck chairs for hire."

We walked through Hyde Park, where we saw what we affectionately labeled [even though labeling is bad right?] many southwestern Asian people, more than we've ever seen in our lives. We saw 3 of them smoking a giant bong-looking thing, smoke floating out everywhere. Jon pretended he was taking a picture of lisa so he could actually get a picture of the smokers. We sat and watched a group of roller skate disco dancers. They were amazingly good, even the few white guys brave enough to attempt it.

Speakers Corner was one of Jon's favorite places. We only wish we'd discovered it sooner. It was a corner of Hyde Park devoted to people coming and debating issues that they care about. [NOTE: The pics came out blurry, but I put them here anyway.] The place was packed too. Hundreds of people huddled around men standing on chairs or stools, speaking loudly while those gathered around ask him questions and debate him. A man stopped his bike next to Lisa and started speaking to her about religion. Then we met Ed, a believer in Christ who was discussing the meaning of love with a woman. In the middle of their argument, he turned to me and asked me if he was making sense. I agreed with him, and he started talking to us instead. We were talking scripture with each other and everything and hugged [in the name of Christ of course], shook hands, and departed. That was the most fellowship we had the entire trip.

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