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day 2 [] August 3, 2005 [] Cambridge, England

In the morning we watched BBC news as we got ready. There was a man they had on that was trying to start his own country. He had handed out fliers announcing his coming country, trying to get citizens. They tried a peaceful takeover of an island. That didn't work, so he resorted to ruling over his third story flat. He told the story his friend who'd found a loophole in the law that said no country could claim the moon as theirs" but said nothing about individuals owning it, so he claimed the moon as his - sent a letter to NASA and everything.

We left Canterbury to find our way to Cambridge. Things learned or observed in England so far: "way out" = exit, "cheers" = thank you, there are many brick houses with painted doors, and look right, the cars drive reverse from what we do, Lisa knew this but it is such habit that she stepped in the street after looking left and was honked at by a car.

We arrived in Cambridge and walked up that main street through Cambridge to the tourist Information Center. We booked a room at the Granta House (#53 on Ellisley Avenue), a bed and breakfast. The older couple that ran the place were very nice. (The man's name was either Tony, Ken, or Ben) This was Lisa's first bed and breakfast experience and these people only rented out two of the rooms, she felt quite reverent towards the place. We ate at Bella Italia (yeah yeah Italy was last trip but hey whatever). The restaurant had seating outside overlooking the amateur punting pond and the park with cows eating and drinking at the pond.

We ate two Magnum Classics while watching a cricket match at Parker's Piece. Here now is Lisa's explanation of cricket: There are two wickets set up about horseshoe width apart. The people are all wearing white. There are two people wearing catcher's gear on their legs and a flat roundish bat. They stand near each wicket. A man at the opposite wicket will throw a ball at the ground towards the batter. The pitcher can get a running start. The field is round with the wickets in the middle. The batter can hit it anywhere they want. If they hit the ball the two people at the wickets run around to the other wicket. It appears even less aerobic than baseball. Then we ate Dojo (on Hill Street), a noodle bar. Yummy! Jon said they had the best service he had ever experienced, as soon as his green tea was finished the waitress was there to refill it. Then we got a Magnum Taste which had carmel flavored ice cream with milk chocolate outside. Cambridge feels like a very safe town.

Magnum Count: Lisa and Jon each ate a Magnum Classic and shared a Magnum Taste which is the closest thing we can find to a Magnum Double Carmel.

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