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day 18 [] August 19, 2005 [] London, England

We returned to the Imperial War Museum for another 3 hour tour. We just couldn't get enough of the place; It's fascinating. We ate Chinese food for lunch again. There's this place near the museum that is just a great deal and good food.

Today was our walk around London day. We walked along the Thames River, up one side all the way to the London Tower Bridge and back the other side. We saw a couple getting married in the London Eye, in one of the rooms that rotates up around it. We saw the rebuilt Globe Theatre, the replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre from his day and age.

We walked through an amazing outdoors photography exhibit, devoted to ecological causes. They were incredible pictures of exotic locations all over the globe. That photographer is a lucky guy to visit all those places. There was a nudy beach picture at which some British ladies were saying they're surprised a man didn't cover up his bits. While Lisa was looking at that picture with the British ladies, Jon managed to step into a small, hidden river running through the square.

We saw Lloyd's Building, which is a controversial building because of its ridiculous architecture. Lisa thought it was ugly. Jon thought it was ridiculous. Its pipes and see-through outdoor elevators were like something out of a bad 80's sci-fi movie. We found the first Krispy Kreme's and ate some. It hit the spot. Can Krispy Kreme's actually hit a spot?

The Temple Station is scary. At least 20 bums were waiting by a bus stop right outside the train station. A drunk bum walking in the middle of the street was blocking the path of a limosine that had a line of cars behind it. He said, "How are you?" to Lisa who was mesmerized by the guy and responded "Good," which made her immediately scared of the situation. To avoid the drunk guy, we took a path through the little park that ended up having 20 drunk bums in it. Did we mention that Temple is scary? The reason we went there was to see the Knights Templar and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night courtyards. Unfortunately, they were closed.

Next, we went to the Soho District, which turned out to be the complete opposite of Temple. Its many theatres and packed clubs were clearly the reason the area is mentioned in fancy celebrity talk all over the tele. We called it a night.

On tv, on the show Balls of Steel, the Pain Men were completely insane (watch video samples —Pub, Household Chores, Back to School, Handymen, The Office, The Great Outdoors). Their first idiocy was one of them putting a heated varnish remover into the other guy's chest hair. He gave it a pain rating of 7. Then the other guy tried a belt sander on the first guy's butt. Pain rating 9. Then they did the sander again. Bonkers! The guy's butt bled. No kidding. Then the same guy had a nail hammered through his hand. Pain rating 10. Once again, no kidding.

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