United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland [2005]

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day 17 [] August 18, 2005 [] London, England

We went to Buckingham Palace. Our tour started at 9:45am. We wandered around with earphones on that informed us of the elegance and opulance of the palace. It is quite a grand place, as I guess it should be. We saw many rooms, including the Throne Room and Ballroom. They were all the state rooms - whatever that means.

After a stroll through the south side of the Palace Gardens, we traveled towards the Imperial War Museum. We ate Chinese food and then read some in the park next to the museum. We quite enjoyed the Imperial War Museum. We spent 4 hours there mostly in one exhibit called "The Children's War." It was regarding World War II's effect on children. Many kids were evacuated to foster homes [NOTE: Like in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe - Narnia] across England's countryside and to other countries, including America.

Then we started the World War II exhibit. We learned of the interim between WWI and WWII, the Phony War, the Battle of Britain/The Blitz, the Bombers, Chamberlain, #10 Downing Street, Jesse Owens, Mussolini, Dunkirk, Why Norway was important, Munich Crisis, and we saw many uniforms and guns [Jon was catching up on his history facts].

We ate many carbohydrates at Barley Mow - chips, potato wedges, and Jon had a Guiness. The all carb diet - we should lose weight.

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