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day 16 [] August 17, 2005 [] London, England

Lisa had "half-English" breakfast, and Jon had "Full." They distinguish between them, like sizes.

Then we walked back near the Minster to take pictures of the funny signs we had seen "Blacks for Sale" and "Ass Fudge Box Large." we are so junior high. "Ass Fudge" is the way it is because they don't use periods with their abbreviations. That's funny. Makes for some embarrassing signs I'm sure.

The train to London's King Cross was a GNER, the nicest trains with the most comfortable first class. During the trip, Lisa at a package of complementary chocolate chip cookies. THese are not small points, as you'll see. She ate one and savored the taste, waiting to eat the next and last cookie. She finished the last cookie and read the newspaper. After a bit of reading, she looked at her lap to find a rather large smear of chocolate and another smaller smudge near her zipper flap. At first she thought she could get some napkins and wipe it off as best she could and clean it later. She waited patiently for about a minute until she noticed another chocolate spot on her arm. When she said, "What the heck," it got Jon's attention, and he pointed out more places where she had chocolate, including her hand, knuckle, and inside her left nostril. Overwhelmed and amazed at her ability to get this much chocolate on herself, especially considering the cookies barely had any chocolate chips, she decided to clean herself up and change her shorts in the train bathroom, which is another funny story that need not be explained. Suffice it to say that changing clothes on a moving train takes mad skills.

We arrived in London, figured out the Underground, The Tube, and found our hotel. The Rochester Hotel is lavishly decorated. Our room faced the large construction project which might be why we got such a deal.

We wandered to Buckingham Palace, refusing to look at the map but finding yummy, cheap pizza on the way. We also saw reporters outside the New Scotland Yard, trying to get the scoop on the Brazilian guy that was murdered by the police on the Tube. We decided not to take the tour bus arond London (sorry Bethany). We went to Green PArk next to BUckingham Palace and relaxed and read for a few hours on a park bench, which Lisa secured by sprinting across the park. The park was busy. In England, the park's are the place to be. It's pretty cool that way.

Then we walked up "The Mall" towards Trafalgar Square. "The Mall" is the long street that leads up to Buckingham Palace. Then we walked down past Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey. There were war protestors in front of Parliament. We walked along the Thames, saw the London Eye across the river and then called it a night.

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