United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland [2005]

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day 15 [] August16, 2005 []York, England

At breakfast, we told the owner we'd take the room, a pure offering from God, and he told us it had neer been used before. Then we walked aroundthe castle walls, saw Minster but didn't go inside. It was an enormous cathedral. We went to buy Lisa's ice cream and milkshake spoons, her trip souvenir, from a mercantile store.

Then we went to the York horse races, where people of all ages felt compelled to spend lots of money to get badges, dress fancy, wear funny ladies' hats carry newspapers and binoculars, and watch horses at the finish line. We met Andy, a coach driver, who taught us the saying "Mutton dressed up like lamb," which means women trying to look nicer than they are. We did not pay money, dressed casual [NOTE: Who wants to look like lamb anyway?], watched the finish line from a different angle where you could see the display area, the interviews, the jockies, the veins in the horse's necks, and all the side stuff.

Then, once again free, we walked to the starting gates, where Lisa talked to an ambulance driver while Jon took pictures of the horses leaving the starting gates.

In the city, we saw pigs hanging in the back of a refrigerated truck, and Jon took pictures. While we gawked at the pigs, Al and Susan walked by and we talked for a bit. Small world. We went to the room and Lisa napped. When Lisa woke up, we dressed up for dinner.

We went to the restaurant, ASK. It was in an old building with lots of columns. We had stuffed baked mushrooms and tomato and onion salad to start. Spaghetti alla Bolognese for dinner [It was redeemed. Lisa had had a bad experience with it earlier, at a different restaurant].

Outside the restaurant door, we could see a sign in a window that read "Blacks for Sale." Funny. It had another one that read "We Sell Blacks." Those crazy Yorkians.

We ate McFlurrys again. Yum. While we were chowing, we met a woman from Australia who had lived in many different places, including the U.S. She really didn't like George Bush, which seems to be the trend overseas.

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