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day 13 [] August 14, 2005 [] Dublin, Ireland

We woke up and ate breakfast. Then we walked down the street, trying to find the best deal on a room for the night. Everyone was £80 or more, but we wouldn't be able to leave our bags until noon or 2pm. The last one we checked was willing to bargin. They started at £90, but Lisa said £75 and let us leave our bags now. [NOTE: Lisa is quite adept at Jedi mind tricks.] They accepted.

WE fetched our bags from the other B&B and left them at our new B&B and went to find a church.

We decided "While in Ireland, do as the Irish," so we went to ChristChurch Cathedral, the fancy cathedral in Dublin. It was a Catholic liturgical service with a sermon done by a woman. I think the bulletin said she was "The canon."

After church, we did laundry and searched for Irish tea.

We saw Dublin Castle, which had sand sculptors in the inner square. The sand sculptures were amazing. Simply amazing. Check them out. Dublin Castle doesn't look like a castle.

Then we wandered through the Temple Bar and perused the Temple Bar book sale in Temple Bar Square. While flipping through the rows of books, Jon found a €2 coin in among the books. Being the honest guy that he is, he didn't take the coin. But he didn't give it to the book sellers either. He left it in with the books. Guilty guy.

We ate at Auld Dubliner.

After eating, Jon wanted to go back to see if the €2 coin was still in with the books, so he could ask the book sellers if he could have it. The book sellers had packed up for the evening and gone home. In their place were 2 acrobatic performers. They did flips and limboed under a bar that was on fire. The best part was the drunkest person Jon had ever seen, An eagerLook how low this guy is! audience member with his fly down and a near empty bottle. First, inspired by the music, he tried to join in the act with his dance moves. Then enthralled by the performance, he wanted to shake their hands at the start of each new act and other inopportune times. He was really excited by the flaming limbo bar and knocked over his bench that one performer provided for him in an effort to keep him out of the way. Lisa expected the man to catch himself on fire, and Jon was ready with the camera, something that made the performers want him to give them money because he was taking their pictures. He wasn't though. He was just waiting for the drunk man to light himself on fire.

We relaxed and watched the finale of "You're a Star." David Mitchell won with his rendition of "Take Me Back to Amarillo."

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