United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland [2005]

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day 12 [] August 13, 2005 [] Dublin, Ireland

Lisa's calf felt better in the morning. We ate delicious breakfast. [NOTE: All the "delicious's" are because Lisa really likes food]. Jon had salmon with his eggs. Lisa had a potato waffle. We relaxed in their windowed sunroom, reading and writing. Then we headed to the bus stop, where Lisa walked near the coast to take some pictures. We took a long bus ride to Dublin with a transfer in Limerick. We arrived in Dublin after 7pm.

Apparently, it was also the same night of a big football rematch between Dublin and some foreign team. We wandered around, stopping at every place to stay only to find negative results. Every place was full.

We stopped at a Burger King to eat. [we hadn't eaten a meal since breakfast.] We were trying to find a bus that would go to Bray, a coastal suburb of Dublin. We headed back to the bus station, passing by the long streets of B&B's, when Jon realized we hadn't checked across the intersection that had a few places. We checked a hostel that happened to be attached to a B&B. They had one room left with twin beds. We took it.

Relaxing after our quest, we watched Irish-style American Idol, "You're a Star," and then the Godfather II.

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