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day 11 [] August 12, 2005 [] Doolin, Ireland

We took a bus to Galway. Then we waited till 2 to catch the bus for Doolin. We bought bread, meat, and honky dory chips for lunch -- very cheap. On the bus to Doolin, we went through "The Burren."

It had hills covered with rocks. Doolin is what we imagined Ireland to look like. Green fields all the way to the coast with cliffs. We got a room at the Dunroman B&B. It is the nicest place we've stayed in for the price. It looks fairly new. The bathroom is large. The colors are nice.

We hiked towards the cliffs of Moher. On the way we met Tagumi (or Sagumi). There was a split in the path: One followed the road near the water with a sign saying "Dangerous." We asked a couple returning on the "Dangerous" path, and they said it was narrow at parts. With that, Lisa headed up the "safe" road. [NOTE: There was not a sign saying it was "Safe," but we assumed so because of the other sign.] Tagumi was saying that it might be quicker to go on the "Dangerous" path but that didn't matter to Lisa. Tagumi went with us up the roadway. It took about an hour and a half to get to the Cliffs of Moher tourist area. The Cliffs are not scary unless you're stupid and go beyond the rock railing. [NOTE: Lisa read in the guidebook that a few tourists are blown off the cliffs each year because they don't obey the signs.] Lisa was expecting people to fall and die because they were so close to the edge.

Words cannot describe how cool the Cliffs were. It even had a small tower parapet resembling a castle. As we were saying "Look at the stupid people walking near the edge on the other path," Tagumi said she was going to go that way. That was funny.

Jon and Lisa headed back to the road, which had a beautiful view. We got back to Doolin and were hungry. After all, we'd hiked more than 6 miles. We went to Gus O'Connor's Pub, which was packed! There were no seats. Lisa checked outside and was coming back to tell Jon, when 2 seats at the bar opened up. She grabbed them, and we ate delicious food. Great Fries! Lisa's left calf cramped up. She walked back to the B&B as if she had a rock in her leg.

The B&B was great. as soon as we started getting ready for bed, it started to rain. Wind howled softly in the hallway, making it sound spooky! We slept to the sounds of wind, rain, a horse, and a cow.

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