United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland [2005]

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day 10 [] August 11, 2005 [] Belfast and Sligo, Northern Ireland

We left Belfast for Sligo. We stopped for an hour in Enniskillen. Nice place, lots of shoppers. We got Hawaiian pizza. To our surprise the pizza had corn on it (plus bacon and pineapple). We also had ice cream. Sligo is near Yeats Country. It had beautiful green plateaus.

We stayed at A________ (something gaelic) Lan on Connolly Street (they spelt it wrong:~) Lisa's maiden name is Connally). We napped and read for a couple hours then went wandering the city, a lot of which was under construction (Sligo-soon-to-be tourist getaway). After dinner, we met a couple from San Francisco. We discussed the Belfast conflict and America politics and the Iraq War. Liberalism and Michael Moore ideology flowed from them as freely as the Frisco fog. We had a couple of hours to wait before the trad music night at Hargadon Brothers, so we went to the B&B to read and write.

We didn't see the loony libs, but while listening to the trad band (2guitars, 2 fiddles, a harmonica, and some sort of pipes), we met 2ladies from France. We talked with them for an hour or so and returned to the B&B after Lisa had shared her worries about French people not Liking us if we don't speak French. Go Lisa!

When we walked into the B&B lobby,we stopped to chat with a local Sligo man and an 89 year old who were arguing about the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. They were getting quite heated over it. I believe we were experiencing "Craic". "That's interesting." Apparently some Native American tribe sent $700 over to Ireland during the famine, according to the Sligo man whom we thought was drunk after the second time he told the story. "That's the truth." "Lieutenant Peter Boroughs."

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