Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Jonathan Clark. Pleasure to meet you!

I’m a teacher, writer, husband, daddy, photographer in Orange County, California. I love photography and thunderstorms and people and telling stories through the small lens of a camera.

Atop an enormous anthill in Namibia, Africa

Atop an enormous anthill in Namibia, Africa

The longer I spend on this beautiful planet, the more I’m amazed by how fast things change. It feels like life is flying by at breakneck speed, and most of the time we’re just trying to hold on. {anyone else feel that way?} But underneath all that momentum, our lives are a string of stories, a collection of snapshots, a tapestry of memories.

The normal everyday.
The life-changing.
The love.

What new life stories do you want told?

I’m thrilled to meet you and begin capturing your memories into photos that will last a lifetime.

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