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day 7 [] july 21, 2003 [] Rome, Italy

It is Monday. We woke up and got ready to leave Venice. We ate the complimentary breakfast. The birds were also eating our breakfast with us, Jon's egg.

There was a misunderstanding, and we took a train that was reservation only. It turns out that all the trains from Venezia to Rome are reservation only. They kicked us off at Ferraro. Lisa ate a Magnum. From there we took another train going to Roma that didn't require special tickets. We had to stand by the bathrooms in the unairconditioned part of the train. After about 30 or 45 minutes, it seemed like a long time, we were able to get seats on the train when people got off the train at Bologna.

We arrived in Rome and walked to our hotel. It was kind of located out of the way for sightseeing purposed, but it as nice enough.

We walked from the Coliseum and ate at a small pizzeria with a good view. We then walked around the Coliseum and the Palatino and took pictures. Then we ended up on the horse steps in front of the Capitol or "Campidoglio."

We walked back to the hotel by a dark park, it wasn't a very well lit area. Jon suspects, according to the map it is the Circo Massimo.

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