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day 11 [] july 25, 2003 [] Rome, Italy

It is Friday. We woke up and checked out of the Hotel. We walked with our packs to Termini and took a special train to the Roma Airport. When we got to Canada we ate at the Quayside Café. It was such a good meal. Lisa had a salad with Italian dressing, which was something she had been craving the whole time in Europe. Jon had a hamburger with fries. Lisa ate some of his fries; they were great fries. The Italian food was good but it is so great to come back to food you are accustomed to.

Lisa Stats

- Lisa ate an undocumented amount of Magnum ice cream bars. The best estimate is 12-20. She also ate lots of gelato, about 8-15 times. “Vorrei gelato”

- To the surprise of many considering the last stat, Lisa lost approximately five pounds as a result of the exercise and extreme water intake during this trip.

Jon Stats

- Jon watched Lisa eat an estimated 12-20 Magnums. Jon only had about 5 himself.

- Jon drank 15-20 Cokes. They cost between € 3-4.

- Jon enjoyed an estimated 8-12 iced slushies.

- Jon enjoyed gelato also. Lisa far outscores him on this one though.

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