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day 10 [] july 24, 2003 [] Rome, Italy

It is Thursday. We woke up and went back to the Vatican to see, as we call it in English, the Sistine Chapel. The Capella Sistina is located in the Musei Vaticani. It has lots of different art on the walls and ceilings. As we were walking through the other exhibits waiting to see the Capella Sistina we were wondering what made it so extrodinary because the painted ceilings we had seen thus far were nice. When we finally enter the Capella Sistina we understood. It is breath-taking, the people look like they are 3-D or coming out of the ceiling. We were not able to take pictures so we wrote down our thoughts:

The Last Judgment is the painting on one wall of the chapel.

- Mary next to Jesus but looking away

- People are being separated good from bad - The good staying up and the bad staying down

- People trying to climb up, being shoved down

- Trumpets blowing

- One man is hunched over holding his cheek, sad he’s being taken down

The Ceiling

- God is reaching with all his effort

- Man is barely reaching his hand out

- Heavenly creatures try to help keep God on the sheet/cloth

- Man’s face doesn’t care but is glancing at God

- God is straining and is intent on man.

After the Cappella Sistina we went to Trevi Fountain. It was extremely hot so Lisa decided to splash the front of her shirt with some cold water from one of the water fountains that shoots out from a wall. After it dried she had a ring of salt on the front of her.

We then went to the restuarant that we liked in the Piazza Novana. Here we met Lieutenant Commander John A. Romero of the U.S. Navy. He works for the American Embassy. It was really nice to have a conversation with someone in English, and he bought us wine to thank us for the lovely conversation.

We went back to our hotel to work on this journal.

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